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14 August 2010

Ancient, Mutilated, Hauled And Still There When You Croak -DoSu'10

~~~Doric Order~~~~~~~~Ionic Order~~~~Corinthian Order~~

Ημέρα τρίτη
Day 3 started with an important for our future coexistence spoken exchange of thoughts.
me: Honey, would you like going out for a walk?
~da honey~: Not really.
me: I need to take a dump.
~da honey~: O.K. THEN.

Oh, yeah, that was actually said.
In the morning, we went to strike some poses in front of 438 BC ruins, AKA the Parthenon/ Παρθενώνας, and the Acropolis area in general.

.. noob tourist taking our photo somehow managed to make part of the Parthenon invisible
420- 410 BC, 2.30 m tall, marble chicks/ Καρυάτιδες
←↑ Ionic Order
↓ Doric Order

Parthenon, one of world's most impressive and well known cultural monuments and a symbol of ancient Greece's trademarks such as democracy=

a) freedom of speech
+ b) all men have equal rights in expressing themselves
+ c) all men are treated equally by law

and the ideals of order and harmony in architecture,
was designed by architects Iktinos/ Ικτίνος and Kallikrates/ Καλλικράτης and built under the supervision of scultor Phidias/ Φειδίας (the dude who made the statue of Zeus at Olympia, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world) in the mid-5th century BC. The 5th century BC was a super glorious period of philosophical brilliance and a high point in the development of political institutions and arts. Classical Athens, a powerful city-state and the birthplace of democracy, was the shit in the Mediterranean world and generally speaking "the western civilizations" chapter back in the day, cause of its heritage of political and cultural achievements. The Parthenon's construction began in 447 BC at the initiative of badass politician Pericles/ Περικλής

(who like me had a hugeass head and therefore always wore a helmet when posing for sculptures -true fact) and was completed in 438 BC, but decorations continued until 431 BC. Perfect timing I say, because no matter how awesome Parthenon with it's reverse optical illusions (-> the columns are neither built straight, on purpose, nor on the same level, yet with certain optical illusions, those effects are negated) and symbolic blah blah meaning is, there would have been significant budget cuts since the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta (and their bitches/ allies) began in 431 BC. Not to mention an epidemic typhus outbreak in Athens, in 430 BC.


[...] "For Elgin's fame thus grateful Pallas pleads,
Below, his name--above, behold his deeds!
Be ever hailed with equal honour here
The Gothic monarch and the Pictish peer:
Arms gave the first his right, the last had none,
But basely stole what less barbarians won.
So when the Lion quits his fell repast,
Next prowls the Wolf, the filthy Jackal last:
Flesh, limbs, and blood the former make their own,
The last poor brute securely gnaws the bone.
Yet still the Gods are just, and crimes are crossed:
See here what Elgin won, and what he lost"...
- Lord Byron

Thomas Bruce, 7nth earl of Elgin, was the British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire from 1799 to 1803 (since the fall of the

Byzantine Empire, Greece was pretty much Turkey's bitch / "under ottoman rule" , until 1821 when Greek revolutionaries declared what was to become a bloody, successful war of independence on the Ottomans who finally sucked dick and where eventually kicked out, since revolts in every nook and cranny of Greece, in times where heroes and boors fought side to side, were launched). In other words, Elgin was the British ambassador in Greece at a time when the "official authorities" -from which he supposedly obtained a very controversial permission to remove architectural members and sculptures from the Acropolis area-, were ottoman. He removed half of the surviving sculptures of the Parthenon which he also managed to damage in the process, being fake and gay as he was, and took them to Britain where among fish & chips, "God save the Queen!"s and shitloads of tea they remain up until now.
↑↓ Elgin's loot in the British Museum.

Then again, the British Museum itself is a fine example of...err..BRITISH ARCHITECTURE!
↑ British Museum's monumental south entrance not resembling classical greek architecture.

After all this love towards the british culture and modern day National Art Treasures POW politics has been expressed it has to be said, just for the sake of ethnicistic hatred being directed towards the right nation, that Elgin was in fact a Scot. However, that is beside the point because kilts are awesome and we've all seen and liked Braveheart.

In the afternoon, we had the MOST BORING, SO BORING ITMAKESMEWANTTOWRITEINCAPSANDCAPSONLYGBVBNSILERFUBVUSXWKEFOV URBGCMAPSODVRNVSLXCHRBVKGD123456789876543212345678987654321, conversation of all times with a third party -caveman was making sounds to show he was following and I think I said a sentence or two each time I escaped my lethargy-, accompanied by the worst tea of all times (even though I still haven't figured out if it's tea I don't like or most types of tea, the rest agreed it was fucking horrible).
When that was over, I suggested going to the movies. It all went something like..
[me]---------------------------------> -wanna go see a movie? '_'
[U.S.A. manifactured assgoblin]-> -sure '_'
[me]---------------------------------> -I've wanted to see Toy Story 3 for quite some time... ^.^
[U.S.A. manifactured assgoblin]-> -PREDATORS! \m/ >o< \m/
[me]---------------------------------> -...plus it's said to be really good... \(^.^)/
[U.S.A. manifactured assgoblin]-> -PREDATORS! \m/ >o< \m/
[me]---------------------------------> -and I want to see it.. o.o
[U.S.A. manifactured assgoblin]-> -PREDATORZZZ! \m/ >o< \m/
[me]---------------------------------> -... meow? O.O
[U.S.A. manifactured assgoblin]-> -.... +.+ pre..? ... ?_? .... FINE!

And so, we played some arcades and then watched Toy Story 3, which "wasn't bad" after all. :3

Afterwards, we would have to run like motherfucks to catch the last bus to our next destination.. the "Suspended in the Air" Monasteries...
To be continued...

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