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18 March 2010

Hatching A Monster

When people ask questions they are giving you the answers at the same time. If you pay close attention to them, you know what your answer has to be. There is no right or wrong. There is only right-er and wrong-er. The nature of anything is competitive nowadays. Why should Truth be an exception?
This whole role-playing of questions that come as a set with their answers is a game. You just pretend you are what you are expected to be. That way you are always right for the person that talks to you. You are bright and have a future. You are like them.
That's what The System is all about. That's how you become part of it. No one explained these things to me. Growing up though, I noticed that there is only one way to be good and a million ways to be wrong, to be "bad". Being part of ANY minority basically means being wrong. The real problem is not that you are gay or an atheist or dunno don't wear fashion accessories. The problem is that you are not pretending -and therefore "being"- part of what's considered to be normal. The officially, politically correct prevalent. No one cares if you ARE gay or an atheist. They WILL tear you to pieces if you don't pretend you aren't though.
A key word to keep in mind in all this is "real". Any way of thinking and ultimately any lifestyle that doesn't fit in isn't considered... real. People need explanations when someone doesn't behave according to what he/she is expected to. The person has to EXPLAIN why he/she is the way he/she is, because he/she "can't obviously be really like that". They have to be doing what they're doing in order to provoke/annoy someone, or because they have psychological issues. Simplest example: When someone isn't listening to mainstream music, they are doing it because they: are an angsty teen/ want to stand out/ are plain wack etc.

The reasoning doesn't matter. The mere existance of a "because" is what matters.

You don't have to explain yourself if you're listening to popular music or dress in a fashionable way. You don't need to defend your choices. Because you are normal. You are one of the "us".
I don't lie. I don't bullshit people because I talk with facts. Nevertheless, I am exceptionally good at giving the correct answers. I guess I'm the biggest, most dangerous kind of liar there is.
For those of you who don't personally know me, I am a law school student. Scored top grades and made my way to law school. I now don't study half as much as other law school students and I bet there are dozens who know more about judicial procedures than I do. However, I have a talent. I am a highclass liar as I explained. I look at people and know what I have to "be" in order to either gain something or avoid situations.
Studying is easy. Scoring straight A's is easy. The answers are in the books. But how many of my fellow students are good at detecting the answers in people? How many of them can be naive*, smart, classy or trash depending on what suits best the person standing opposite?
I look at myself and see monstrous potential. I know I have to learn how to control my emotions though. How to hush the voice in me that is ready to tell anyone to fuck off after giving them a detailed list of the reasons why they are full of bullshit. In other words, I know that in order to become something big, there is one last thing I have to work on: I have to learn how to lie to myself. Am I willing to do that?
I am 20 years old. I'll finish law school in two years. Some of these epiphanies are the product (apart from life in general, so far) of two weeks at work (I recently started working for the first time in my life). Check my income in ten years from now and you will know the answer.


*check my previous post and compare with this one for solid proof...

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05 March 2010

Citizen Of The Schismarchland

The inside of one's head includes the basic info that is required to create a social networking site account: who the person basically is and a few clues that indicate what the person likes and what it doesn't like. Other than that, tons of junk that one just can't let go of and clings to with a collector's passion. As in:
  • the first time you did something.
  • the last time someone did something to you.
  • lots of wheres and a few whys.
  • hundreds of memories and, depending on the person, zero to a dozen of plans for the future.
  • a list of numbers that hold some meaning and a list of names that have a "flavour".

Those are the solid facts, the "nouns". The "adjectives" are the tabs one adds to all of the above. Depending on what you have been taught and what you have taught yourself, some things may be embarrassing and others funny. Some bad and some good.
One's feelings about each of the "nouns" are "adjectives" too. The emotional scale that covers all kinds of feelings characterizes the solid facts in one's head, depending on the current events: something may be particularly liked at one point and totally disliked at another for example.

Characterisations are subjective, unstable and have a very short life span in other words. Even inside one's head.

So why are certain ideas and acts identified as good/bad and everything in between by a large part of the population? Facts are facts because science is science, but when it comes to values, norms (and therefore codes of conduct) who decides what is acceptable and what isn't? I mean, honestly, who does? I don't. You don't. Anyone I know doesn't. Anyone you know doesn't. Yet I, you and all the people we know can pinpoint degeneration and debauchery at any given moment. Why? Does immoral or immature or anything that has a negative meaning smell bad? How is it that obvious?

In my opinion, the more you cry wolf, the more you are calling for one.

Perhaps the fact that nowadays everything has an instruction booklet aside from life, combined with the sharp rise of boredom in its purest form, makes us want to have some guidelines, some codex we can refer to when we find ourselves in a situation where we actually have to make a decision.
Because it's easier. Because we know that almost everyone will agree. Because it doesn't matter if our decision is right or wrong as long as it is accepted and approved of. Guns, violence and spilling blood are fun, but being the odd one out isn't. And by odd one out I don't mean belonging in a clique that only has a few members, I mean not belonging period. No one likes that kind of conflict...

I don't believe in races. I believe in transparent people and solid people; people who might have ended up believing and liking anything, but they just happened to be born in a certain environment and in a certain age, and people who no matter what the rest of the factors in the equation are, stand out because they know how to find their way to do things, to live, ultimately.
Maybe this is why I can't feel close to someone, regardless of what they feel. All I know is my shit. All the other person knows is how shit is supposed to work for everyone. That's why I sometimes see light where others see darkness and darkness where others see light. But that's what makes ME, MYSELF. I'm not good. I'm not bad. I am certain facts like age, sex and occupation. Other than that, I'm not a word. I am a world.
Most people are part of an already established world. That goes for me too. But in addition to being part of the Disneyland of our times, I am also the creator and resident of my world, my Schismarchland. You don't need to enter it to be my friend. You just need to acknowledge its existence. And then, tell me about your world...

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04 March 2010

Book That Explains Everything -Chapter about Jobs.

The Optimist says: Your boss/es is/are (one of) those people who have both the power and the potential to make you view God as a spiritual facebook where you can post status updates about the most recent cause of your misery.
The Cynic says: Your boss/es is/are the manifestation either of the big bad wolf because they look fun till you realise they have eaten quite a few red riding hoods or of Cruella DeVil because they behave like this-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJI7qhk3_Rk .
Just be ostentatious for 8 hours and always remember that smiling IS a way to show your teeth after all.

That's you. Feel free to add all of your good qualities in the definition.
Fellow slaves and therefore potential allies in a mutiny. You are allowed to be promiscuous when your shift's over.

Something to do and feel cooler than your friends who sit on their ass all day (what you also did before your glorious days as an employee). In terms of payment it's close to slavery, at least at my age (20 years old). It is recommended for anyone who needs new ways to prove the existence of a sence of independence and self-worth. You know; all the I-can-manage-on-my-own crap. It is impossible to keep a job unless you have some very near-term goals (=you are desperate for cash).

Act as if you smell your favourite flowers during the entire process. Looking like a pleasant, kind person is 1/3 of the lying you have to do. Another 1/3 is that no matter what you have to appear as a clever individual. Be quick witted and funny and make sure your eyes look more vivacious than a fish's. Your general body language should give off signs of someone alive as well.
Final 1/3 of the lying that along with other things will lead you to hell where you can join me: that's trickier than the rest, but you have to make sure you look pretty. By "pretty" I basically refer to looking like the rest of the people who work where you wish to be hired. The standards of what's attractive are in front of you each time you enter your ~future workplace~.

Lack Of Experience
At first it looks like a problem. In reality it's not the lack of experience that might cause you problems. The lack of I.Q. points and a dandy set of boobs will.

Salary (at 20 years old)
Amount of money you get in exchange for being young and being there. And doing something too.

Salary (how to get a satisfactory one)
Did you ever have any ambitions towards visual arts? Now it's your chance as an aspiring actor/-ress to star in a dramatic series called "My life as an impoverished college student". You have the leading role and your job is to portray all real and imaginary difficulties someone like you has, when discussing the details of your salary. Improvisation, emotional expressiveness and the ability to generate affectionate responses from your audience (employer) are required. An artistically created set of upper torso assets, could be viewed as a helping device in acting.
Whatever the case and after you have used all of your bargaining techniques, you will still be paid in a fashion that suggests you fall under the category "Slaves, Tools & Other Idiots". But, as I said, getting a job is 50% about the sense of DOING SOMETHING with your life (independent young adult etc.) and 50% about the cash. So, you will at least feel as if you have some control after the alleged bargaining (you can only bargain up to a point and boobs can only be perfect to a certain extent).

A theater. You take up many roles that may range from not like you to nothing like you. If you give a hell of a performance, you'll become a star.

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01 March 2010

My Answer To Death Note...

1. You may make three wishes, with a twelve hour gap between them, that will be granted.

2. The first wish can only be to become someone else.

3. The person you wish to become could be a contemporary character, a fictional character (character of a book), or a deceased person. It can not be an unborn person or a species other than human.

4. The second wish can only be your actual wish as that person. It can be about anything as long as it is something for "yourself" = the person you have become after wish#1.

e.g. you may wish to become your worst enemy and then wish to get cancer; you may wish to become the person you have a crush on and then wish to fall in love with you.

5. Whatever the case you will have to endure the results for at least twelve hours until your next wish.

6. The final wish can only be to turn back to yourself.

7. For as long as you are the person you have wished to become after wish #2, that person (if it is a contemporary character) will automatically become you having the right of wish#2 (to wish for anything as you), but not being aware of it.

8. The person who has become you after you wished to become them, can only become aware of the fact that they are someone else and have the right to wish for anything as that person, only if they get notified by someone who hasn't made their three original wishes or you.

9. For as long as the person who has become you after you wished to become them, is you, they will act and think as you.

10. If your #2 wish (as another person) is to die, the person who has become you automatically dies, so you die too.

11. Each person has only those three wishes, unless someone else wishes to become them, in which case you automatically go to wish #2 as that person.

e.g. you have already made your three wishes, but someone else who hasn't wishes to become you, as their first wish. In that case, you become them, automatically having the right to wish anything as them for the amount of time they are you, but being unaware of the fact.

12. When you make your third wish and turn back to yourself, the person whom you have wished to become and is you for the -at least- twelve hours you have become them, automatically turns back to themselves having lost the right to wish for anything as you, if they haven't done it in the amount of time they were you.

13. The gap between the wishes is twelve hours minimum. Should you not make your wish after twelve hours have elapsed however, you do not lose the right to make a wish. That means you can become someone else forever (unless you have chosen to become a historical or fictional character) if you choose to never make the third wish. Whether or not you actually stay that person forever depends on whether that person gets notified of the change and their right to make any wish as you or not, by someone who hasn't already made their three original wishes or you, and the way they will use their wish as you.

The Second Wish.

The second wish grants you the right to change the course of history, "rewrite" a book or simply change someone's life. It is not limited by any kind of social, moral or religious boundaries. You may destroy or create, spare or take revenge. However, the results should you choose to alter the course of history will affect everyone, including yourself. After doing that and turning back to yourself only you will be aware of the change in the course of history.

You may not wish for something that goes against the laws of physics as known today.

e.g. you may not wish you can control time. If you do so, you will be able to control time only for the amount of time you are someone else. After you wish to turn back to yourself, neither they or you will be able to control time.

The idea behind this game was to put the player in a somewhat godlike position where he/she can change someone else's life, but at the same time has the chance to view the results from that person's point of view as well as his/hers. I was also curious as to whether people would use their wishes in an altruistic way or not... and here comes the real secret of the game: being magnanimus when in charge of someone else's life, made the player feel good because a sole act of altruism lead to a chain of cooperations that made it possible for all players to get what they wanted. Taking revenge on the other hand, resulted in a quick game over for everyone and the players actually felt worse since the people targeted weren't present, which meant that all the vengeful players managed to do was remind themselves, and the rest of us, that they haven't gotten over something...

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