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22 March 2012

The Quest Of Our Dark, Tormented Souls

I think around 18, the idea was to get to establish what elements of my character I wanted to have/keep/nurture. These of course would later be modified from whatever events would take place and might require a readjustment of reaction standards on my part. Basically, around that time I was flexible and wanted to reach to people so that we could have an understanding of who is who and what we want from ourselves. Looking at it now, it seems awfully optimistic. Which is another take on "naive" I suppose.

At 22, now, I think it's safe to say not a shit is given anymore. I think everyone has ran out of whatever willpower for self-introspection they ever were to have (unless they truly fuck up in which case they might bother to do some self analysis) and no one is really interested in being particularly understood. ~Oh and the world will never understand~. But yeah. We might be interested in being seen as something (but that will be limited to sexy and/or funny and/or rich and/or manly) but not understood as who we are.

All this in a space of four years. Who knows what assholes we will be in another fours years. I think us young people have an immortality complex cause we change so fast (and towards something less and less heroic every time) that we can't possibly fathom living to be old when our mindsets and hearts are already decrepit from indulging to all kinds of easy shit. Shit that doesn't require but a minimum to no self worth. Because let's not fool ourselves for once: "easy" isn't "bad" because it indicates low quality about the thing it characterizes; it's negative because it indicates the one who goes for it doesn't need have any worth. There's a reason the traditional knight slays a dragon. I doubt it has to do as much with the dragon being evil as with the knight proving his WORTH. That he is not just a peasant with a sword. But a DOVAHKIIN. That's it. Fuck all you degenerates. I'll go play Skyrim for ten hours.

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