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02 July 2010

Recipe For Douchebaggery -summer 2010*

*in less than 20 days, a 20 day journey to various european countries is going to begin. At times we will be joined by others. Most of the time though, it will just be two persons who live in parts of the world that have a nine hour difference, have never met before and got to know each other online almost a year and a half ago.

  • 2 douchebags who live in different continents (and have never met)

  • 20 days

  • a bunch of european mountains, islands and the world's biggest metal open air festival


Throw the douchebags -obviously young and of opposite sex so that faggotry will at least be avoided, unlike douchebaggery and fuckery- in a pot (AKA internet), stir with webcams and other disasterous means of communication that would be so much more fun if they went KABOOM 10 seconds after they were opened and let them boil for a year and a half.

The result should be an abominable amalgam of different cultures, philosophies, enotional quotients, moral codes and other shit that is likely to explode and therefore be served BURNED.

Eat fastly in a 20 day period. If you're lucky, only gas is to be expected.


Reasons why this could fail (and you could end up having terrible food poisoning)->
Any ordinary person would point out that cooking this is not a very good idea: the ingredients may not be compatible after all, the taste might be anything from spicey to sour and the risk of anything and everything going wrong during the 20 day period of eating the amalgam is high. There's no safety guarantee about eating the douchbaggery -summer 2010.

Reasons why this could actually taste good->
"Any ordinary person"... is bound to live an ordinary life. Fuck that shit. Whoever opposes to this, basically opposes to the idea of two strangers coexisting and co-travelling -not to the idea of the travelling itself. In fact, the kind of travelling we are about to do could be easily envied. Well, before pointing out the obvious (that one or both of us, is going to end up dead/broke/with missing vital organs), these people who ~do~ "know" us, should ask themselves one simple question.

why aren't I part of this?

Other than the fact that YOU are probably too lame, lazy or broke to be a part of this international league, not much can be explained about why it had to be us two in particular.

Perhaps we base all this on more than intuition and blind faith. Perhaps we actually know what the shit we are doing. Perhaps all this is going to fail. But the one thing that is for sure, is that we are both tired of people who only dare dream and do not have the balls to travel, be open to experiences, fully emerge in a totally different world and come out of it having learned more about themselves than about external stimuli.

Either way, blogging will take place and photos will be uploaded during this whole trip. More details are to follow.

Be prepared. And be jealous if that's all you can do about your life being boring as hell.

Recipe For Douchebaggery -summer 2010* by The Schismarch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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