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26 September 2010

Luck Rhymes With Nice Words

Even a clock that doesn't work is right twice a day, so many great things should be accomplished twice a day by mere predictable luck triggered by complete failure in the regular sense. In other words, if you become an anomaly in the particular system you are interested in, your chances to succeed will be without competition because no one else will even try succeeding as an anomaly. No shit, being original in the era of global wide-spread information is hard, but the main thing about it is that being original means being dynamic (unless you want to end up like a philosopher stepping out from a past century, always munching the same dogmas).
So, we've got :
  1. anomaly
  2. anomaly of one system at a time
  3. dynamic anomaly of one system at a time

If one applies that to themselves, they will make themselves a rather unpredictable factor of the specific system. By doing so in social context, you will be considered an elitist who doesn't give a flying fuck about most people and thinks he/she can do shit on his/her own. That of course is not a problem because it is the truth(!) XD : If you choose to be an anomaly, you should be prepared to accept that you are part of a whole, working as a unit instead of the opposite (which is what most people do). So, no, I don't predict 15 bff's -but I do predict 15.000 acquaintances- because you will be attractive in the black swan sense instead of the super pretty white swan sense; and that's where we get to show a little of our temperament, by creating black swan personas.
Unless one is so overprotected they basically live in a bubble, everyone has to create one or more personas to protect their true personality, by misleading the other person to assumptions which can only hurt the persona.
Personas are the exact opposite of one or more aspects of our characters. For most people they are a scale or two more badass than the actual person (=predictable *yawn*). For a certain type of sensitive, their personas tend to be carefree and amusing, providing their audiences with moments of comic relief in between serious fan-hitting by shit (they also love the buzz and have a tendency towards uncalled for drama in certain issues). If the person is creative, smart and with a shitty environment/ one that's holding them back, the persona will master escapism techniques (though the problem with such types is that because of the situation they're stuck in, they get used to an unfulfilling state being the reality and therefore the supposedly temporary dead end becomes the status quo; the lack of character resources becomes cancerfied and the persona ends up being the person). Rarely personas are intentionally embarrassing and retarded. That's a sign of a person with guts.
My own persona was of a very simple structure. It liked to attract attention, make-up & clothewise, but was extremely passive "character"wise. It basically was an easy to be targeted dummy that was prone to bottling up shit. Such a persona only does a person any actual good in high school, so I'm in the ongoing process of developing a new one. One without any stable characteristics, thus one without characteristics. I don't even think it can be called a persona; it's more like another me that gives my actual self the option of the second chance in the situations it gets involved in. Its flexibility spares me the bowel activity of giving a shit about skin-deep complications, but helps me focus on giving two shits about things that do matter, since it makes a conscious choice of what matters, being a persona with no dogmatic reaction pattern.
Luck rhymes among other things with schmuck and the new persona model of mine is proving to be lucky and definitely not passive...


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