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27 September 2010

This Title Has Been Removed By Chuck Norris

... along with other things, as you come to realise when you regain consciousness in a house filled with bodies in different poses of decomposition, the morning after an eventful night of which you're somehow sure you lack the memory of key moments. The pizza slices that now feel like shoe soles, the pile of shoes that now smell like pizza slices, the tranquility of a sunny morning in a room with your friends, the tranquility of a sunny morning being ruined by the snoring of your friends, misplaced things, missing things and things you wtf discover for the first time around... all indicate one thing: you have to go rampaging with a ghostbusters size vacuum cleaner in this bitch. Also, exam period is over.
After nights filled with haunting hours of memorising, revising and finally forgetting everything right before I went to bed, the torture is over. The agonizing battles against tones of exam material and the struggle to overpower my mortal flesh (and its tendency to get bored quickly) had to of course take place at the same time with developments of apocalyptically retarded proportions in my personal life. HOHO I JUST SAID PERSONAL LIFE!.. but yeah, whatever hibernating personal life one has during exam periods anyway.
You know how we all have that one person who is bitch haunting us forever and ever either because we were a prick to them -despite mutual liking- or they were a prick to us -despite mutual liking- or especially because we both were a prick to each other, despite mutual uberliking, + there was a bunch of things left unsaid? There was this guy about 2 and a half (?)/ three(?) years ago who had been part of the eX-files until now, considering we didn't communicate at all since then. Apparently he woke up from the coma, cause in an ultra U.F.O. status relevant move, he reappeared on the general map of life and alternate endings by going all Predator status pursuer. It is true that back then I felt like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtIdjRMAMMw when it was over. It is also true that this type of song is quite
passé in my ~Experiences Thread~ now. During the past months, all the amount of changes Obama ever promised has happened to my weird shit of a life. Now, the modus operandi is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEhutIEUq8k
So, fuck expired love. Karma is a bitch; So am I. You just got shot down, son.

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