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10 October 2010

This Shit Discombobulates Me (+5 Pnts For Vocab)

A few hours ago, when it was still October the 9nth, there was an online "celebration" of Lennon's 70th birthday. Thousands of people "liked" this on social networking sites and "shared" it with their friends.

He's like... dead.
I mean, yeah, it's a great promo for his discography and a chance for McCartney and Ono to make statements which will be well received, despite whatever controversy has existed concerning their relationship with Lennon, yet... Com'on, what next? Throw him a birthday party and invite Elvis and Jimi?
I have surely stopped celebrating my grandpa's birthday since his demise and can only see the point of celebrating a birthday (despite demise) if it's, dunno, Christ's (after all, He did have a V.I.P. resurrection pass). How much more money can they make by the post mortem exploitation of people who were turned into icons for a money-making purpose in the first place? Doesn't this star cannibalism, initiated by whomever can profit from it, disgust anyone? Are people that far gone that they are going to virtually celebrate "events" that defy the mere logic of the particular celebration itself?
I don't know if Lennon was a great man, but he definitely was a great musician. He should be remembered as one by means a little more relevant to his life accomplishments such as music awards named after him or a music foundation which could financially support upcoming musicians, named after him. In fact, I believe those do exist. If there just HAS to be a day to remember him, this could be the date of the release of "Imagine" for example.
After all, why should post mortem birthday celebration only be the case for one musician? We should celebrate 10 birthdays of deceased people per day: inventors, presidents, philosophers, painters and the list goes on forever...
I nominate this as the What. The. Fuck. moment of October 9nth 2010.

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