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07 December 2009

It's A Pile Of Shit. Or not.

There are basically two rules that apply to everyone's idea of Music:
a) Every music genre has great music pieces and pieces that you can't really defend unless you're either a groupie, or deaf. Choosing the music that expresses you the most is a matter of personal taste and therefore something that should be respected by all.
b) Deep down we all think that OUR favourite kind of music KICKS ASS and that everyone else's SUCKS DICK*.
Of course, this whole it's-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder concept, applies to Art altogether. In 1989, less than 5% of the artists in the Met's modern art sections were women, but 85% of the nudes were female. Discrimination issues aside, it appears that female nudes are considered art in a museum and porn on the cover of a man's magazine.
That's why I personally do not believe in art. I believe in people who know how to make a living by making a name for falling under the category "artist", but most importantly, in people who have the talent to view anything from an artistic perspective. Art can't be defined. Classic artists were primarily concerned with the ideas of beauty and harmony for example, whereas today artistic styles that may have nothing to do with beauty (like art for political change or social inquiry), have emerged. There are no rules and the "artist" might not had intended to create an emotional response in the first place. Whether or not something is emotionally evoking depends on the person who receives the signal. So, the real artist to me is the one who becomes emotionally affected by anything and takes some time to come up with an explanation/theory and be inspired.
Everyone can create something and claim that it's anything. But not everyone can see something, some potential in anything.
Many people see more to their favourite music band's work, than there really is. Or more to a person than there really is. Unfortunately that's not called artistic. That's called a-bit-of-a-bullshit idea you get because you need some stability-pattern in your life so desperately, that you are making yourself blind to reality.
So kids, remember: lyrics and material junk may only mean that their creator was doing all sorts of drugs at the time. But as long as you are open minded and do not kill every last bit of imagination you have left as a boring adult, there still is magic in this world.

*(in such cases, nods of affirmation are recommendable, since starting a criminally traumatizing conversation that will most probably end up in everyone becoming more patriotic about THEIR favourite music is not that fun post puberty).

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