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01 March 2010

My Answer To Death Note...

1. You may make three wishes, with a twelve hour gap between them, that will be granted.

2. The first wish can only be to become someone else.

3. The person you wish to become could be a contemporary character, a fictional character (character of a book), or a deceased person. It can not be an unborn person or a species other than human.

4. The second wish can only be your actual wish as that person. It can be about anything as long as it is something for "yourself" = the person you have become after wish#1.

e.g. you may wish to become your worst enemy and then wish to get cancer; you may wish to become the person you have a crush on and then wish to fall in love with you.

5. Whatever the case you will have to endure the results for at least twelve hours until your next wish.

6. The final wish can only be to turn back to yourself.

7. For as long as you are the person you have wished to become after wish #2, that person (if it is a contemporary character) will automatically become you having the right of wish#2 (to wish for anything as you), but not being aware of it.

8. The person who has become you after you wished to become them, can only become aware of the fact that they are someone else and have the right to wish for anything as that person, only if they get notified by someone who hasn't made their three original wishes or you.

9. For as long as the person who has become you after you wished to become them, is you, they will act and think as you.

10. If your #2 wish (as another person) is to die, the person who has become you automatically dies, so you die too.

11. Each person has only those three wishes, unless someone else wishes to become them, in which case you automatically go to wish #2 as that person.

e.g. you have already made your three wishes, but someone else who hasn't wishes to become you, as their first wish. In that case, you become them, automatically having the right to wish anything as them for the amount of time they are you, but being unaware of the fact.

12. When you make your third wish and turn back to yourself, the person whom you have wished to become and is you for the -at least- twelve hours you have become them, automatically turns back to themselves having lost the right to wish for anything as you, if they haven't done it in the amount of time they were you.

13. The gap between the wishes is twelve hours minimum. Should you not make your wish after twelve hours have elapsed however, you do not lose the right to make a wish. That means you can become someone else forever (unless you have chosen to become a historical or fictional character) if you choose to never make the third wish. Whether or not you actually stay that person forever depends on whether that person gets notified of the change and their right to make any wish as you or not, by someone who hasn't already made their three original wishes or you, and the way they will use their wish as you.

The Second Wish.

The second wish grants you the right to change the course of history, "rewrite" a book or simply change someone's life. It is not limited by any kind of social, moral or religious boundaries. You may destroy or create, spare or take revenge. However, the results should you choose to alter the course of history will affect everyone, including yourself. After doing that and turning back to yourself only you will be aware of the change in the course of history.

You may not wish for something that goes against the laws of physics as known today.

e.g. you may not wish you can control time. If you do so, you will be able to control time only for the amount of time you are someone else. After you wish to turn back to yourself, neither they or you will be able to control time.

The idea behind this game was to put the player in a somewhat godlike position where he/she can change someone else's life, but at the same time has the chance to view the results from that person's point of view as well as his/hers. I was also curious as to whether people would use their wishes in an altruistic way or not... and here comes the real secret of the game: being magnanimus when in charge of someone else's life, made the player feel good because a sole act of altruism lead to a chain of cooperations that made it possible for all players to get what they wanted. Taking revenge on the other hand, resulted in a quick game over for everyone and the players actually felt worse since the people targeted weren't present, which meant that all the vengeful players managed to do was remind themselves, and the rest of us, that they haven't gotten over something...

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