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16 May 2010

Answers To Crazy Basement Dwellers (you) -part III

Why do people either try to cover up their mistakes with excuses or blame others instead of admitting their being wrong?
I am curious as to whether you include yourself in the "people" or not.
The way I see it, we all grew up wanting to be something amazing. After all, I don't think anyone's dream was to be a failure in life. Depending on our ideals of success, we built up personas over the years; some alter-egos who DO all the things we consider to be badass, SAY all the things we consider to be badass, LOOK like what we consider to be badass, frankly because they ARE all the things we think are badass. Over the years we all form a personality using that persona as a role-model. When one's problems are just in his/her head, it's easy to keep up appearances and really convince him/herself and others that he/she actually IS that badass up to an extent at least. When real problems start knocking on your door though (which after a certain age starts happening at a disturbing frequency), you can't keep acting like the superman you supposedly are. Making mistakes is of course in the programme, but always finding excuses for yourself and being really hardcore in defending your choices, usually starts taking place when you become an "adult", meaning when you start taking yourself seriously. It's as if the fact that you now have responsibilities for your mistakes gives you the right to turn a blind eye on the fact that you ARE prone to making mistakes. Besides, after all this time of "being" someone, it's really hard to admit to yourself that you aren't always right, that the persona you chose might actually fuck up -either cause it's not really you or cause that persona isn't perfect, even if it HAS become you-. We all want to be known as something and whatever that something is (from party animal to intellectual to anything at all), it definitely isn't someone who is wrong. Someone who makes mistakes. Someone weak in other words. Almost anyone can say without feeling embarrassed that they have been fucked over, but how many people have you heard saying that they are weak? There are so many macho complexes in the modern-day society that we have all developed guilt syndromes that make us perceive making mistakes as being weak/stupid. It's not about being afraid to face the music about making a mistake. I think it's more about being unable to accept that you ~the all-powerful, god of smartness and coolness~ fucked up. It's about admitting it to yourself. So, naturally there's no reason to admit one is wrong if he/she can't accept he/she is wrong. As you said, people basically have two options after the fuck-up: either bullshit others in an effort to keep their social-status intact or blame others. Eventually I think they'll do both. One of the many problems of society nowadays is that we don't really have respect for anyone. So, blaming and bullshiting people is not a problem. Besides that's the idea social-status is based upon in the first place: that we are not all equal and that some people (most of them) deserve to be blamed and bullshited.
In other words, the problem is:
a) that we are retarded and can't accept that we DO fuck up and we HAVE to take the blame.
b) that we desperately need to preserve our social status and therefore don't do anything (like admitting we make mistakes for example) that might make us the laughing stock of people whose opinion we care about (since everyone is insecure about some shit, thus in need of self-validation, "people whose opinion we care about" means practically everyone).
c) that this didn't start happening last night. By now we have all more or less accepted that being honest and somewhat "moral" is kinda stupid and the best thing to do is become a better liar than the ones surrounding us-> bullshiting+ blaming= smart thing to do/ it's o.k. to do it, cause everyone else does it.
I think we have taken bullying to the next level, by becoming the bullies of ourselves who just won't let the real "us" be fragile, weak, wrong from time to time.

Why do you not like Godzilla?
I haven't seen any of the Godzilla movies, so I can't really say that I like/dislike him. I can, however, state the reasons why I haven't seen the films in the first place:

  1. Godzilla is a dinosaur-like monster that served, especially at the time the first movie was released in 1954 -only 9 years after the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki-, as a reminder of all the reasons why atomic radiation is a bad, bad thing, on a symbolic level. He was portrayed as a destructive, amphibious monstrosity (his physiognomy was inspired by a mix of a variety of dinosaur kinds and some crocodile features) with super-powers caused by nuclear radiation, that -at least in the first movies- attacked Japan.

Being Japanese myself and having visited the war museum of Hiroshima, I don't feel at ease with the topic of nuclear energy in its catastrophic form ...the horror of entire cities filled with dead and dying in flames and trapped under debris... flame burns, radiation sickness, mutations... Generally speaking I may not respect many humans, but I respect the human rights and any situation where the dead are luckier than the survivors makes me a pissed off Homo sapiens.

__2. Godzilla is one ugly moffo. I can't really sympathise with T-Rex-like reptiles (perhaps because I used to play Dino Crisis as a kid), even though I have a big head and weak arms myself (eating makes me feel like a hydrocephalic reptile attacking innocents and using my tiny arms to catch them).

__3.When it comes to gigantic monsters I prefer King Kong who is a less personally painful movie icon. I also find the concept of beauty&beast-that-proves-to-be-more-humane-than-humans more interesting. Big, male mammals with nice, shiny hair are more my type, anyway.

In reality, the only reason for not liking Godzilla, despite not having seen the movies, would have to be that I have this friend who has an everlasting passion for Godzilla. Since he likes Godzilla, I have to dislike him by default so that we can have pointless rants about retarded issues like this. Come to think of it, my hydrocephalus, non-existent arm muscles and reptilian bitchiness must mean I'm a goddess in his eyes. I'll have to work on developing a death-breath as well.

Whence came these seeds of corruption that are sown within this flesh of mine?
(whence..within...of mine...wtf is this Shakespeare?!)
Well, these seeds of corruption were planted within you the moment you massively started being disappointed by people -it started with someone important in your life, spread like a disease which magically turned most of the anthropoids into things: something to play with, something to break. From time to time, you would encounter not absolutely lobotomised people with whom you could actually share some things. So, not all seeds produced something. But, from one of them, a warped, twisted, eerie apple tree finally managed to grow. An ugly -yet strong-, cursed tree which produced blood coloured apples. Naturally you were curious, a curiosity which so many times has lead you out of the righteous path, the path of the normal, the usual, the safe, the sane for most of the "anthropoids". You bit it. Something changed inside you, but you would only realise this later on when you would reminisce about your "old"self. From the moment you bit the apple, you were forever expelled from a life of self-sacrificing and not speaking out. You would only compromise with yourself's behavioural patterns -no one else's. Righteous or not, your path in life would from then on be a straight line. No turning around for others. No stopping.
You have the seeds now. You can go plant them in other people's hearts and deform their souls. Be aware that this is something that was done to you by that first important person who disappointed you. That original farmer created what you are now: someone who willingly or not, can "break" others. Someone dark, someone twistedly addictive. In order to plant those seeds, you have to find someone for whom there's mutual respect and affection. And then disappoint that one person that means more than anyone else to you, incurably.

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