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08 May 2010

Answers To Crazy Basement Dwellers (you)

Ask anything. And try sounding more interesting than my grandpa while you're at it. Full Anonymity will be granted if you wish so. Send that shit to either TheSchismarch@windowslive.com or http://www.formspring.me/TheSchismarch
Bring it on!

Why isn't the whole plane made of the same material as a black box?
Black boxes aren't indestructible. They aren't black either. The information recording shit is contained within a three layer box (hardened steel/titanium-> insulation box-> thermal block-> information recording shit), which is very compact and therefore heavy relatively to its size. Even if black boxes were partially manufactured from some super metal, (weight and cost not being an issue), human beings wouldn't be able to survive the impact of the crash.to survive the impact of the crush anyway.

Are the videos that show the murders of journalists (like the Pearl video) snuff films?
First of all, a definition of what a snuff film is must be provided -> A snuff film is a motion picture that depicts the r e a l murder of (an) individual(s) for financial exploitation. So, even though I originally thought that snuff films are about sex as well, the main equation is videotape+real murder= money making distribution.
Cases of recorded murders as seen in:

  • newscast (September 11nth, Saddam Hussein's execution)

  • documentaries (the assassination of J.F.K.)

  • footage videotaped by murderers (the Rotenburg Cannibal AKA Armin Meiwes who videotaped the mutilation, the feeding of his dog body parts of his victim -there is huge controversy as to how much of a victim Jurgen Brandes, the man he killed, was since Brandes had fully agreed to be consumed-, the stabbing of J.B. to death in the throat, the hanging of his body to a meat hook and the tearing chunks of flesh from it)

cannot be therefore considered snuff films, since they were not intended to be for-profit films. If I were to be a smartass about this I would make a reference to an actual murder that happened on camera, on set, in a movie we have all heard of/ seen (The Crow, starring Brandon Lee), but frankly, snuff films are one cinematic urban legend that should not be material for witticisms.

The Pearl video was a 3 minutes 36 seconds video made by the NMRPS (National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistan Sovereignty) to promote their demands and behead an American journalist in the process (so, no for-profit factor). Man, some ideas are just bad...

Sadako...from the Ring series...yeah, is she a hermaphrodite?
Yes. In the books, she has Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS). That means she has male chromosomes, but her body lacks the receptors to androgens. Androgens are male hormones that would cause the development of a 8====D. So, she basically has female genitalia. If by now you aren't totally confused, you should have already asked yourself what having androgens means. Well, it means she has internal testes. Insensitivity to androgens means these women don't develop any male characteristics (which explains why they are more often than not extremely beautiful like Sadako). Also, women with AIS are usually very tall as well. They are infertile, but their life expectancy isn't reduced by the syndrome. Some models are thought to have AIS. By the way, only the Boreoeutherian land mammals have external @@. Having internal testes isn't THAT weird.

The jews...do they burn well?

...you are fucked my friend.


...you are still fucked my friend.

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