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07 December 2010

To The Land Of Ronald McDonald My Brave Ones!


The idea is to cash in on a product of a brainstorm that has already proven to be profitable.

The DoSu'10 can be described as many things, one of them being a period of happily munching away the paternal capital, not to mention that despite of the protagonists' touching each other's pipi hole, no one made a revenue ( <-whores!.. stupid whores!). However, once the project was over, phone calls were made- parents cried over phone bills, texts were sent- cellphone networks were happy, packages and letters were mailed- we aged until they got to their destination. Days passed, weeks passed and information continued being exchanged by all optional means of communication. The only possible conclusion was that a Strong Allegiance had been formed and it is true: We are not like Romeo and Juliet, we are not like Antony and Cleopatra, we are not like Scarlett O' Hara and Rhett Butler. We are not like Eros and Psyche, Lancelot and Guinevere, Cinderella and Prince Charming. But we ARE like: +

Besides, if that Frodo Douchebaggins of an American adventurer travelled across the globe to meet me, the only equally unreasonable thing to do, is to return the favour.

So, in exactly 10 days I will be walking on American soil.

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