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11 December 2010

The Troll Bait Has Been Bitten

  1. Thou shalt not cuss nor shalt you use derogatory terms.

  2. Thou shalt not analyze or make reference to real arguments; thy facts shalt be retarded, but the level of thy language expertise high.

  3. Thy statements shalt be tarot-like generalisations; the more conservative, puritan or stereotypical, the better.

  4. Thou shalt not bear false witness against anything, but merely declare ~your~ opinion.

  5. Thou shalt declare such opinion with knifelike, bull's-eye choices of controversial, misunderstood or conspiracy prone concepts and key phrases.

  6. Thou shalt offer a somewhat irrelevant reason for your mannerisms and have it glide unnoticed after summoning a certain level of fury.

  7. It is coming.

Start A Sentence With Perhaps

  • Perhaps you should read the previous post.

  • Perhaps it had to do with Americans and hot potatoes of the American history and culture.

  • Perhaps it was about offering them a view of what the rest of the world thinks about the ones not living in big cities ("ignorant cowboys who live in the middle of nowhere"), the same way the Arabs are considered semi-barbarian fanatics or the Japanese weird technological savants with a tendency towards perversion.

  • Perhaps it was about bringing attention to the fact that national stereotypes are extremely offensive and not very funny.

  • Perhaps it had to do with the fact that no matter if you understand or "approve" of a culture, you have to respect it regardless of whether it's the American one or anyone else's.

  • Perhaps the previous post was an ironic, sarcastic bashing of anti-Americans and their narrow-mindedness.

  • Perhaps it wasn't about Americans at all.

  • Perhaps it was about the fact that no matter how much of an apathetic badass who thinks that his/her country sucks and that the country's government is a pile of shit, one is, if a foreigner pushes the right buttons, the subject will go ballistic -if a native does that, he/she will be considered unpatriotic, by said "apathetic" subject.

  • Perhaps you were offended by it and hate my guts anyway.

  • Perhaps you should google the definition of the name of this blog.

  • Perhaps I don't give two shits about whether you like me or not, because you don't pay me, grade me or are my parent.

  • Perhaps you should start paying me, because one day I just might write something you'll hear about. And hear about it again and again, until you can't stand it any longer and wished you were making money off of it.

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